PVC Is A Great Window Material

If you want to install new windows in your home, you probably want to choose a cost effective material. In the long run, you will want a product that won't cost too much to maintain over the years. PVC is a great low maintenance product because it is also durable and affordable. This article explains a few characteristics of PVC that make it an ideal material for replacement windows.

PVC Styles

First of all, many people don't fully understand what PVC looks like. The PVC used for window construction is very different then PVC pipes that are used around the house. The surface on PVC windows is finished with a variety of textures and sheens. Some PVC products have a nice texture that allows them to slide with ease, but also adds some style and warmth to the windows.

PVC can also be produced in any color imaginable. You should be able to find a window to match your color scheme. Solid colors are affordable, but you can invest in multi-color prints. The most popular multi-color prints are fake wood grains and designs. Basically, the PVC on windows is much more stylish than the pipes you might be familiar with.

PVC Durability

This durable material is a great option for homeowners who don't want to worry about repainting or refinishing their windows. In fact, PVC is dyed, not painted, so the entire piece is the same color. Even if the surface of your window gets scratched, it will hardly effect the color of the window. This also helps to prevent fading from sun exposure. The maintenance required to keep up PVC is super simple because the material is waterproof. You can wipe it down with a wet sponge and even spray down the exterior with a hose. This cheap and easy maintenance is one of the most popular characteristics among homeowners.

PVC is Energy Efficient

PVC also has great energy efficiency ratings. It is not the most popular material in extremely cold climates because it is not the best insulator. However, it has a low rate of heat loss, so it works well in most climates. Also, you can find PVC windows with multiple panes (up to 4 in some styles) so they have a good U-Value.

PVC is obviously a top window material. It is stylish, affordable and energy efficient, making it great for all home types and price ranges.