4 Tips For Cleaning Your Business's Large Windows Like A Professional

If your business has large picture windows, you are going to want to make sure that you keep your picture windows looking clean for shoppers. Here are four tips that will help you clean your business's large picture windows like a professional.

#1 Ditch The Commercial Glass Cleaners

Commercial glass cleaners are often really overrated and often do not do as good a job as homemade cleaners made out of simple ingredients. Many professional window cleaners use their home homemade cleaners to clean windows with. 

A very basic homemade window cleaner that works well and doesn't leave behind streaks involves simply mixing together equal parts warm water and distilled vinegar inside of spray bottle. When a window is really dirty, just use some basic dish soap to get rid of the dirt first, then turn to your homemade window cleaner to do the rest of the job. 

#2 Avoid The Sunlight

You do not want to clean your picture windows when they are being scorched with direct sunlight. When the sunlight is directly hitting your windows, the heat is going to dry up the window cleaning solution at a faster rate, leaving residue and streaks behind on your windows. 

It is best to clean your windows when the sun is not directly hitting them. Try to clean your windows if possible when they are in the shade; this will give you the most amount of time to clean them. 

#3 Use A Squeegee

To remove the cleaning solution from your glass windows, use a squeegee. Don't use the largest squeegee that you can find; instead, choose one that is small enough for you to control. You want to keep the squeegee in contact with the window the entire time you pull it down the surface of your window.

You want to start the squeegee at the top of your window and pull it down to the bottom. When you get to the bottom, don't just yang the squeegee off the glass, pause for a second so that the water can run down the squeegee and off the blade. 

#4 Use A Sea Sponge

A sea sponge is a great window cleaning tool. Use a sea sponge to wipe away the extra water that pools at the bottom and side of the window when you clean it; it can be hard to remove all the water with a squeegee. 

Additionally, a sea sponge is a great tool for washing around the edges of your window. The edges of your window get dirt on them too, and its a good idea to wipe them down and clean when you clean the window as well. 

Incorporate the four tips above into your glass cleaning routine, and your businesses big picture windows will start to look like a professional cleaned them. If you don't have the time to implement all these tips on your own, hire a professional window cleaner, like one from Pro Window Cleaning, that incorporates these tips and behaviors into their practice already.