Why Wood Is Still A Great Window Material

Installing brand new windows in your home is a smart investment, but the options can be a little bit overwhelming. There are a lot of factors you will need to take into account. The material of the window sash is one of the most important factors. It will affect the maintenance, style, energy efficiency and price of the product. Many modern homes are being built with synthetic materials like vinyl and fiberglass. However, there is still a good argument for investing in wooden windows. This article explains why wooden windows are still a viable option for homeowners.

Wood Requires a Little More TLC

First of all, it needs to be stated that wooden windows will definitely require more maintenance than comparable synthetic materials. That is, the surface needs to be sealed and stained to keep the wood waterproofed and protected from the elements. Many homeowners imagine that this will be a very time consuming and inconvenient project. In reality, you probably will only need to restain your windows every few years. Also, some windows in your house will naturally be more protected from the elements, whether it is because they don't receive any sun exposure, or they are protected by the roof eaves. Some windows will hardly show any signs of aging, even after several years, while others will look worn out. Of course, the aging rate also depends on your local climate and the change in temperature from season to season. Nonetheless, you will probably be able to handle the necessary maintenance for wooden windows.

Wooden is Changeable

Another great thing about wooden windows is the fact that you can repaint them over the years. If you choose a material such as vinyl, you're basically stuck with the color that you initially chose for your window. Wooden windows can be repainted or re-stained in a variety of colors and finishes. So if you change your home decor years later, you can update your windows to match. Wooden windows are definitely the best option for homeowners who are constantly changing their home style and color schemes.

These are just a few of the most obvious reasons to invest in wood. There are many other factors that might drive your decision to buy wood. It is also worth mentioning that wood is also very energy efficient, eco-friendly and durable product. It has great sound proofing and can be customized or repaired with ease.