Windows: They May Be On The Agenda Even If You Do Not Realize You Need Them

If you own your own home and it is several years old, it is a good idea to take a moment and assess whether or not you need replacement windows. Many people think that new windows are only needed if they have damages such as broken glass or rotting wood around window panes. The following are a few overlooked signs that new windows are needed.

Maintenance of your existing windows is tedious.

Tedious maintenance is commonly reported by property owners who own older homes. Modern windows are considered less of a maintenance burden because you can get windows installed that do not require painting or wood sealing to preserve their integrity. This is why a windows project can eventually save property owners from future expenses, which means the windows may eventually pay for themselves.

Your current windows are single-paned.

This is a tell-tale time that you need to consider replacement windows. Single-paned windows offer very little support in terms of energy efficiency. This means that you are likely experiencing high energy bills, and your windows may be the main or a contributing cause. Windows that have two or more panes have insulating properties that single-paned windows simply cannot deliver.

You avoid opening your windows due to damage or difficulties. 

If you have inoperable windows or windows that require a lot of physical dexterity to open, you likely avoid trying to open them. These faulty windows could be putting your family at risk. For example, if a fire occurs, properly working windows can aid in making exiting your home easier. A number of things can impede the proper opening of windows. Water damage, improper painting, and warping are all examples of damages that can impede proper window operation and necessitate the need for replacement. 

Condensation occurs between panes.

Most of the time condensation between window panes is indicative of a window seal issue. For owners of older properties, this usually means that the seal damage is no longer covered by warranty. This is why replacing the windows is the sensible fix. 

Outdoor noise and wind are pronounced. 

Perhaps you have experienced days when the wind from outside appeared to be "howling" inside your home. You may have even felt the cold effects of it. Unstable window panes likely rattle in your windows when this phenomenon occurs. All of these are signs that your windows are not energy efficient and likely need to be replaced. If you live near a busy intersection or in a noisy neighborhood, you might also have noticed that the outside noise seems to penetrate through your home. New windows could be a sound barrier to these cumbersome noises. 

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