Create a Frosted Design on the Shower Door in Your Home's Bathroom

Create a frosted design on a plain glass shower door by completing the steps below. The results that you will achieve will help provide your bathroom with an original appearance. You also will not need to be self-conscious that anyone can see you as you are showering because the frosted glass will provide you with more privacy.


  • roll of wide tape
  • scissors
  • glass cleanser
  • lint-free buffing cloth
  • stencils
  • roll of two-sided tape
  • measuring tape
  • vinyl drop cloths
  • glass frosting spray paint
  • cloth respirator
  • sponge 
  • bucket of water

Clean the Glass and Apply Stencils

Close the glass door and prevent it from accidentally opening by applying a few strips of wide tape along the edge of it. Pour several drops of glass cleanser onto a lint-free buffing cloth. Use the cloth to wipe the glass until residue and greasy streaks have been eliminated. Use pieces of two-sided tape to attach stencils to the glass exterior. Measuring tape can be used to help you place an even amount of space between each stencil. 

Prepare the Work Area and Add Glass Frosting Paint

Protect the flooring in the bathroom that is next to the shower door with a couple vinyl drop cloths. Place a cloth respirator over your face to prevent yourself from ingesting strong chemicals that are contained in the glass frosting paint. Apply an even coat of spray frosting paint to the middle of each stencil. Hold the paint can upright and several inches from the glass surface to assist with adding the paint in an even manner.

Remove Excess Paint and Care for the Frosted Design

Dip a sponge into a small bucket of water before using it to blot any paint that accidentally drips onto parts of the glass that you didn't intend to cover. Wait for the frosted design to dry. Once this occurs, remove the stencils from the glass and remove the pieces of wide tape that are secured to the edge of the door. Enjoy the improved surroundings in your bathroom and the additional coverage that you are provided with whenever you take a shower.

Maintain the frosted design by using a mild detergent that has been mixed with water and a soft, lint-free cloth whenever you would like to clean the painted glass. Use a sponge that has been dipped into water to carefully remove any soapy residue that remains on the paint. Avoid using any type of cleaning agent that contains chemicals to prevent the paint from fading, peeling, or becoming permanently stained.