Can You Install Your Vinyl Siding?

There are a lot of things to consider if you want to install vinyl siding. This is a great remodel project, not only because it updates the exterior style of your home, but it also makes it more energy efficient. Many people choose to install vinyl siding because it is a job they can actually do on their own. Obviously, if you don't have to pay a professional for the labor, you can significantly reduce the overall cost of the project. However, are you sure you would be able to handle the work? This article highlights the process so you can figure out if you can handle it on your own or if you should hire professionals.

Handling the Physical Work

First of all, you need to figure out if you'll be able to handle the physical nature of the work. Vinyl is not actually that heavy. It is definitely lighter than wood siding. That being said, the planks are quite long and awkward to handle. You need to remember that you will be carrying the vinyl as you climb up and down a ladder throughout the job. This requires a level of coordination, strength, and balance. It takes at least two people to lift and attach each vinyl piece, so it is important that all of your helpers are able to handle the lifting.

The easiest way to attach the vinyl to your side walls is either with a pneumatic nail gun or a cordless power drill, depending on what type of walls you have. Once again, these tools are heavy and you need to operate them while you are perched on top of a ladder.

Home Design

It is also very important to consider the design of your house. If you have walls that are largely flat and square, the job is easier. If your floor plan has curved walls or a lot of corners and angles, the job will be harder because you will need to make more cuts. If you have curved walls, you also have to consider the thickness of your vinyl. Thicker insulated vinyl obviously does not bend as easily. You should definitely bring a sample piece to your property to ensure that it will bend around your walls. Also, installing vinyl is much more manageable on single-story homes. You can do a large percentage of the plank installation with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Climbing up and down a ladder can often be the most time consuming part of the job, so you need to decide if it is worth it, especially if your home has a complicated floor plan.

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