Considering New Windows And Coverings? Features You Must Have

If the old windows around your home are causing the house to be draughty and they are unsightly, you want to get new windows to protect your home. If you are looking for both new windows and new window coverings, you'll want to talk with the window contractors in your area, such as Custom View Exteriors, to see what's available. There are a lot of great features you can look for when you choose new high quality and energy efficient window options. Look for the following features when you get estimates for new windows in your home.

Insulated Frames

Insulated window frames will add an extra barrier to prevent air from passing through the home, and will to keep noises out of the house. You can get insulated window frames to help improve efficiency to save money. They also keep damaging things like pests and moisture out of the home and stop moisture or pests from damaging materials.

Tint on the Windows

Windows that are already tinted when they are installed prevent you from needing the contractors to come back and apply the tint. Tinting has these advantages:

  • Keeps the house cooler to reduce cooling bills
  • Prevents glares on electronics and screens
  • Avoid direct sunlight from damaging fabrics and materials in the home
  • Allows some privacy without covering the natural light

The windows will cost more if they already have the tint applied, but it's an additional cost that is worth the money when you have the windows installed.

Automatic Blinds  

Talk with the window contractors about getting automatic blinds installed around the house. These blinds allow you to close the house up from a single control, or have the blinds move with the time of day and the position of the sun. These are convenient for any homeowner. You can also get blinds that go between double window panes.

There are a lot of different window contractors to choose from, so make sure you take the time to get at least two different quotes, and makes sure the quotes include the warranty on installation and materials, and the quality of the windows that are being used for the project. Replacing the windows in your home is an ideal way to update the property and make it more energy efficient, and to improve the home value at the same time. Don't live with your damaged or unsightly windows any longer and take action fast.