3 Ways To Protect Your Windows If You Live In A Hurricane Prone Area

If you live in an area where hurricanes are prone, you need to make sure that you protect your windows. Your windows are the easiest way for flying objects to make their way into your home if your area is hit with hurricane force winds or is hit with an actually hurricane. Here are three steps you can take to protect and strengthen your windows.

#1 Plastic Film

Plastic film is a great way to protect the glass portion of your windows. Plastic film can be applied over the top of your glass, kind of like how window tint can be applied to your windows. It is applied in much the same way.

Plastic film helps strength your window and provide an additional layer of protection. In addition, if something were to strike your window and crack it, the window film would help hold the glass together so that it is not blown all over the inside of your home and it is easier to clean up the broken window.  It can also help keep flying objects out of your home if your window were to be impacted.

#2 Shatter Resistant Windows

If you have the money, you should upgrade all the windows in your home to shatter resistant windows. Shatter resistant windows tend to cost a lot more than traditional windows, but they are tested and designed to withstand the impact of flying objects at hurricane force wind speeds.

It is important to realize that shatter resistant windows consist of stronger glass; the frame around the window is generally made out of the same material as a regular window. If you want to really increase the overall strength of your entire window, you might want to consider having a metal frame installed around your window instead of a glass or wooden frame.

#2 Shutters

As a final line of defense, you should install shutters on the outside of your home. Shutters are a great way to protect your windows from the impacts of hurricanes because shutters cover not just the glass, but the entire window frame. Your window frame needs protected just as much as the glass itself; the frame can fail and cause your window to collapse inward under the force of hurricane winds.

The best shutters that offer the high level of protect are steel shutters, due to the strength of the material. However, they also tend to be the most expensive shutter option as well. Aluminum and wooden shutters are not as strong as steel shutters; however, they still provide you with a good deal of protection and are generally affordable to purchase and install.

Make sure that you protect your windows if you live in a hurricane zone. Windows that are well-protected will keep the storm outside of your home and protect your inside of your home from being damaged by a strong storm. Contact a company like Statewide Energy Solutions to learn more about your options.