A Guide To Buying Brand New Window Treatments

The window treatments used inside of your home can pay off for you in a variety of ways. Window treatments add personality to your interior, help make you more comfortable inside of your home and add overall value to your living space. You will need to learn a little bit about purchasing window treatments so that you are able to get all that you can out of these purchases and to make the wisest decisions during the process.

#1: Find the right business that can sell you the ideal window treatments

Take a look around your room and start to get an idea of what sort of window treatments you believe you will need in your home. Curtains, drapes, blinds and other forms of window treatments serve different means and should be researched according to your need. Take a trip to the various window treatment store options in your area to look around at the treatments and touch the materials. Be sure to ask them about the installation process, overall cost of the treatments and recommendations on which treatments would be best for what your needs. Before leaving, take quotes on both the treatment and the labor cost of installation before going to the next store to do the same. A window treatment installation and purchase will cost as little as approximately $90 and potentially more than $400. Use these price estimates to help form your decision.

#2: Think about the aesthetics of the window treatment

 Even though the function of the window treatments is critical, this is very much an aesthetic decision as well. It will affect your entire room, to include the choices of paint colors, flooring types, furniture materials and other choices which go hand-in-hand. You can take some swatches from the store home with you to get a clearer picture of how the color and style of the window treatments will come into play. You can also hire an interior decorator to assist you for about $50-$200 per hour.

#3: Consider optional features

There are a lot of upgrades and optional features you can spring for when buying window treatments. Some window treatments have covers or protections which will protect the material. You may also be able to have an automatic mechanism installed so that you can open and close them as you wish. Many window treatments are also energy efficient. For instance, certain material and color choices for your drapes can reduce solar heat gain by more than 30%.

 Use these tips and reach out to contractors like Snyders Shades & Shutters who can help you with window treatments.