Building A New Home In A Hurricane Area? What To Think About

If you are in the process of building a new home in a hurricane area, you need to make sure that you install strong windows that will keep your new home safe.

#1 Shatter Resistant Windows

When shopping for windows, you are going to be able to make a lot of different choices. When you live in a hurricane-prone area, it is a wise investment to install shatter-proof windows throughout your home. Shatter-proof windows are designed to not shatter if they are hit by an object flying at hurricane-force wind speeds.

Shatter resistant windows are made two different ways; either using a glass sandwich effect or using plastic. Shatter resistant windows made with the glass sandwich effect have two sheets of glass on either side of the window with a strong plastic film in the middle that will stretch and not break, even if the glass itself breaks. This will keep all the storm elements, such as the rain that usually accompanies strong storms, out of your house.

Shatter resistant windows made out of plastic are made of polycarbonate sheets, which are much stronger than glass and take a much higher degree of force to break. Additionally, polycarbonate windows offer a high degree of insulation for your home as well.

#2 Plastic Film

You can also cover your new windows in plastic film to increase the strength of your windows. The plastic film can be purchased in clear and transparent colors, so you don't even notice it on your windows. It will help keep your windows together if they are ever struck by a fast moving object during a storm. You can also get tinted plastic film if you want to tint your windows and create additional privacy within your home.

#3 Shutters

Finally, when you live in a hurricane prone area, it is a smart idea to invest in shutters for your home. You should install shutters on the outside of your home that you can manually close from the inside or automatically close using a controller. This will allow you to really secure your home when a big storm is in the area and do so quickly; it is a lot more affordable and much more time effective than boarding up your windows every time you know a big storm is going to hit.

Make your windows strong in your new home by installing shatter resistant windows, plastic film and shutters. Taking these three steps will help keep your home strong. For more information, contact local professionals like Nu-Vue Products.