Ways To Beat The Cold Via Window Maintenance

If the cold in the winter is too much to handle each year, you can keep your home warmer by performing the window maintenance tasks listed below.

#1 Caulk Around Your Windows

Put your hand up to the side of your windows where the glass meets with the frame and also where the frame meets with your home. See if you can feel air on your hands; air often leaks in around windows. If you can't feel air, see if you can feel a temperature difference around your window verses in the air temperature in other parts of the room. These are both signs that air could be leaking in around your window.

If air is leaking in around your windows, you are going to need to apply new caulking. You are going to want to purchase interior caulking; you can purchase caulking that is either clear or paintable for your home. Before you apply the new caulking, use a putty knife to scrape away all the old caulking from around your window. Then, use a caulking gun to apply new caulking where it is needed.

You may want to apply new caulking around both the interior and exterior of your home. You will need to purchase exterior caulking for the outside of your home and you may need to use a ladder to apply it depending on the height of the window.

#2 Check The Weather Stripping

Second, you are going to want to check the weather stripping around your windows. This helps seal the windows and keep the cold out. Over time, the weather stripping can get worn down, cracked, and ineffective. When this happens, you need to remove the weather stripping, purchase some new weather stripping from your local hardware store, and apply it to the windows.

#3 Hang Up Curtains

Finally, even if your windows are perfectly sealed, the glass in your windows still conducts temperature and is going to be cooler than the walls in your home. You can keep the cold that comes off your windows during the winter from cooling off your entire home by hanging up curtains. When you hang up curtains, make sure that you put up the curtain rod so that the curtain extends a couple of inches past your window on each side; this will help keep the cold air from your window contained to the window area. You may also want to consider putting in floor length curtains to further contain the cold.

Taking the three maintenance steps listed above will help you beat the cold this winter from your windows and make your home a little bit warmer.

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