Seven Strategies To Stop Birds From Crashing Into Your Windows And Sliding Glass Doors

While normally a welcome backyard sight, birds can be a problem for homes with an abundance of windows or sliding doors. From time to time, birds will fly into windows at full speed, as they are confused by the reflection created by the glass. This usually has tragic results for the bird and it can cause quite a shock for any people sitting nearby.

Fortunately, you can use any of the following seven strategies to reduce the frequency of this phenomenon.

  1. You can cover the outside of the window or glass door with a one-way film. Opt for films that appear opaque when viewed from outside, rather than the types of film that are reflective when viewed from outside. This will also help stop male birds from fighting with their reflection.
  2. Relocate the items that are attracting the birds to your yard in the first place. For example, if you normally hang a birdfeeder on a porch with numerous windows, try moving it to the middle of your yard. This will alter the paths the birds take to your feeder, thereby reducing the chances they'll fly into the windows.
  3. A simple and low-cost, if not aesthetically pleasing, option is to draw vertical stripes down the windows with a bar of soap. Try to keep the stripes close together for the best results.
  4. If you have vertical blinds or mini-blinds, you can try to keep them halfway closed. This should help disrupt the reflection the bird sees and prevent most crashes from happening.
  5. You can install plastic stickers to the outside of the glass. Any stickers will work, but you can use bird-silhouette stickers specifically designed for the purpose. Just make sure that you place enough of them on the windows to break up the reflection.
  6. Place a few potted plants or trees outside the window to block the bird's view. It is alright if there are a few small gaps through which the birds can see the window, as long as the gaps aren't large enough for the bird to fly through them.
  7. Experiment with different lighting combinations inside your home, as this can often eliminate reflections entirely. For example, try turning off the lights closest to the window, while simultaneously turning on a light 10 to 20 feet away from the window. You can also change the interior lighting by closing blinds on the side of the room opposite the problematic window. 

If you've had issues with birds crashing into your windows and doors, speak to a glass door repair specialist.