What Should You Ask About Your Custom Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters offer a number of benefits, including helping to retain privacy and light filtration. The shutters can be installed in most rooms of your home. When shopping for the shutters, there are a few questions you need to ask a local company, like AAA Blind & Shutter Factory or a similar location, before making your final selection.  

Which Material Should You Choose?

Unlike some other types of shutters, plantation shutters are available in different materials. Your budget and the quality of shutters you desire should play a role in the material you opt for.  

There are three main types of materials, including hardwood. Hardwood plantation shutters are considered to be a high quality option, which also places them in the more expensive category. Hardwood shutters tend to complement most architectural designs and are highly durable.  

If you have a more limited budget, you still have a durable choice in vinyl. Vinyl shutters are designed to mimic the look of other materials and generally hold up well to most weather conditions. They are even available in a number of colors and styles.  

Shutters composed of basswood are generally lightweight and not as durable as hardwood and vinyl. On the upside, they can be easily painted to complement your home.  

What Size Should You Order?

Plantation shutters can be custom-fitted for your home. Therefore, you need to decide the sizing of the shutters before ordering. When it comes to plantation shutters, the size of the louvers matters.  

If you have a historical home or simply want to recreate that look, smaller sized louvers are ideal. The larger the louvers are, the more light is allowed into the room.  

Regardless of the size of the louvers you select, you need to ensure that they are secured by more than just a couple of screws. If they are, the screws will loosen over time and you will have to tighten them again. By contrast, a louver that is secured with pins is less likely to loosen.  

Is a Midrail Necessary?

The midrail on shutters allows you to open and close the top and bottom louvers independently of each other. For instance, you can open the top of the shutters, while leaving the bottom closed.  

If you opt for the midrail, you can even opt to leave the top part of the shutters open throughout the day and night and not have to worry about opening and closing them. The bottom will provide enough privacy while they are closed and you can still get the benefit of sunlight from the top.