Bathroom Mirror Add-Ons For Modern Remodels

If you're renovating your bathroom, you might want to take some extra time to consider the bathroom mirror. Though bathroom mirrors may seem like a fairly standard area of the bathroom, they're one of the major focal points. By improving upon the bathroom mirror, you may be able to improve upon the entire look and utility of the room.

Built-In Storage

Rather than hanging a bathroom mirror and shelving unit, many homeowners have instead switched to recessed, hidden storage within the wall itself. There are a few advantages to this: it doesn't disrupt the lines of the wall, doesn't take up space, and allows for more storage than would otherwise be possible. The only downside is that the built-in storage may be a little more labor-intensive to install.

Anti-Fog Coating

Anti-fog coating is one of those conveniences that homeowners usually don't think about but love when they have it. An anti-fog mirror will never fog up when taking a shower or a bath, necessitating less cleaning and making it far easier to use. Even better, it's fairly easy to install even on existing bathroom mirrors.

Mirror Lighting

LED lighting can be placed around bathroom mirrors to make them more useful and more attractive. Lighting and mirrors are both commonly used to make smaller spaces appear larger, so additional lighting can be used in guest bathrooms and other smaller bathrooms as a way of opening up the room visually. 

Frameless Mirrors

Going frameless creates an unbroken appearance around the mirror, allowing the mirror to stand for itself. Frameless bathroom mirrors are generally beveled or have an unusual shape -- otherwise they can instead appear to be unfinished rather than modern. Thick, heavy frames tend to be fairly antiquated and can give a room a more traditional feel.

Multiple Mirrors

When decorating a bathroom, the option is also there to install multiple mirrors rather than single mirrors. Instead of a single unbroken mirror, two mirrors can be placed over his-and-hers sinks. Instead of a mirror above the sink, a pattern of mirrors can be placed alongside one wall. This again opens up the room but also allows the homeowner to control the lines and partitions of the room more easily.

When used correctly, bathroom mirrors are an excellent way to quickly renovate a bathroom without significant cost. Because a mirror can dramatically change a room and increase its light upon installation, it's a valuable tool particularly for smaller, cozier bathrooms. Contact a business like Clear-View Window Co for more information.