Five Things That Will Damage Your Glass Railings And How To Prevent Them

Glass railings are beautiful, elegant, and stylish. They can also be contemporary, modern, and decorative. However, there are a lot of things that can damage your glass railings. There are also ways to prevent the following things from damaging your railings.


If your glass railings are outside, you are going to have trouble with birds. Birds that fly into the glass, and birds that drop fecal bombs as they swoop and soar past the glass are your two biggest worries. Preventing birds from flying into the glass only requires making the glass a little less clear or a little more reflective/colorful. If the birds can see that something is different up ahead while they are flying, they avoid crashing into it. As for preventing "bird bombs," you can coat the glass railings with a special film that allows the fecal matter to slide right off and be washed away with just a garden hose.


Hail that is heavy enough and large enough can scratch or even break outdoor glass railings. If hail is predicted for the day's weather, you can place blankets and tarps over the glass railings until the storms have passed. Since the size of hailstones is difficult to predict, it is best to use really thick blankets or comforters just in case you encounter baseball-sized hailstones.


Glass railings are not recommended in homes with young children for obvious reasons. If you do have children, transparent plastic is a better option, at least until the children are age twelve and above. If you have real glass railings, and you do not have children, it is a good idea to keep visiting kids away from the rails.

Sharp Objects

Sharp objects, such as knives, swords, and screwdrivers, can etch and scratch the glass. As such, you want to keep these objects far away from your glass railings. Do not display swords on walls near these railings, and avoid throwing knives, dropping scissors or screwdrivers during routine repairs, etc.

Harsh Cleaning Agents

It is a good idea to only clean your glass railings with a warm rag. If you must, a mild soap may be used, too. Harsh cleaning agents can create a build-up of waxy films, etch the glass, and decrease the efficacy of any protective commercial films you have added to the glass. You should definitely not use any abrasive cleaners on the glass whatsoever.