Four Advantages Of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are a specific type of window treatment that are made out of thick slats of wood or other materials. They have a fixed frame, and can turn up and down in a very similar manner to Venetian blinds to shut out the heat and light of the sun. Their distinctive and characteristic method of construction gives them a unique set of advantages over other types of window treatments. Understanding some of the advantages associated with plantation shutters can help you decide if they are the right window treatment choice for your interior decorating needs.


One of the largest advantages associated with plantation shutters when compared to other types of window treatments is the fact that they are very good at insulating heat and sound out of the interior of your home. This is largely due to the fact that their individual slats are quite thick when compared to curtains or blinds, and as such won't transfer the same amount of heat or noise through them. This makes them ideal for hotter climates, as they can help reduce your interior temperature and thus your air conditioning bills as a result, and for any homes that are built near noisy areas, like major transportation routes.


Another major advantage associated with plantation shutters is the fact that they can allow light and air into your home while still blocking the exterior view. This can be done by simply tilting the slats at an angle, allowing air and light to filter through while still maintaining a barrier to prying eyes outside of your home. This is a stark contrast to curtains, which can only be either opened or closed.

Ease of Maintenance

Furthermore, plantation shutters are extremely easy to clean and maintain. Unlike fabric based window treatments, plantation shutters only need to be wiped down and dusted to maintain their appearance. They are not susceptible to mold, staining, or moisture damage, and won't need to be taken down and thrown into the washing machine to return them to their original clean and attractive state.

Aesthetic Considerations

Finally, the last reason why you should consider installing plantation shutters within your home is the fact that they come in a wide range of different styles, colors, and patterns, which means that you can easily match them to your interior design color scheme. Further, wooden shutters can be sanded down and painted or stained again at a later date if you ever wish, which is a less expensive way to alter the appearance of your shutters than replacing them entirely.

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