Smart Window Upgrades To Reduce Your AC Dependency

You could be spending hundreds of dollars every month powering your air conditioner. AC systems are notorious for how much energy they consume. However, they are a necessary expense if you want to actually be able to live comfortably during the summer. But, instead of continually jacking up your thermostat and spending thousands of dollars over the course of a summer, you can spend some money on some basic remodels and upgrades around your property that will allow you to be just a little less reliant on your air conditioner.

This article explains a few simple window upgrades that make you fixtures more energy efficient. These upgrades will enable you to use your Ac system less, saving you cash and reducing the stress put on your air conditioner. If you consider that these projects can lengthen the life of your air conditioner, they can also save you money in the future.

Window Films

Window films are so cheap and easy to install that you might regret not putting them on sooner. You can walk into a store and buy a window film kit that will enable you to apply a film to several windows for less than $20. These films, applied to the glass with a special adhesive that is included with the kits, can be installed by pretty much anybody. A window film deflects UV rays. Whether you have a single pane or double-glazed window, the film will be helpful because it reduces heat transfer.


The next thing you should do is make sure that all your windows and doors have proper weatherstripping. Obviously, you want to make sure your fixtures are all closed whenever your air conditioner is turned on, but you want to be even more certain that your fixtures are airtight when they are closed. Weatherstripping can help block small gaps where air could otherwise be escaping.

Interior Blinds

Installing interior blinds or shades is another great way to slow down heat transfer. Even with weatherproofing and solar films on your glass, blinds can prove to be particularly helpful on the sunny days. Many people only think of blinds and shades in terms of style. But, any product that blocks light is also going to block heat. Basically, it is a stylish way to make your home a little cooler.

These are three affordable ways that you can make your AC system a little more efficient. For more information, contact a company like Sunblockers Window Tinting.