Four Reasons To Install Tinted Window Film On Your Home

The obvious reason to install tinted window film on your home is to reduce the glare from excessive sunlight. However, this is not the only reason to install window film. There are also a few other good reasons to consider this minor upgrade.

1. To reduce your risk of skin cancer

Most tinted window films are specially designed to block UV rays. Since UV exposure can increase your risk of skin cancers such as melanoma, installing window film can make spending time in your sunny home safer. You should not have to worry about wearing sunscreen or long sleeves for protection when you're inside your home, and with tinted window film you do not have to. 

2. To enhance privacy

If you have neighbors close by, you probably do not want them looking into your home, especially in rooms like your bedroom and bathroom. Having to close the curtains and blinds each time you want a little privacy gets tiring, and then you can't even enjoy some sunlight! With tinted window film, the view into your home is generally obscured. In fact, you can buy window film that is designed to block the view into your home while allowing you to see clearly through your windows from inside your home. This way, you can enjoy some privacy without giving up sun exposure.

3. To save energy

These days, saving energy is so important. Updates like buying new windows and replacing your furnace cost so much that you may wonder if it's really worth the small amount of energy you'll save. But installing window films will only cost a few dollars, and you'll save plenty of energy as a result. The tinted film keeps your home from getting so warm when the sun is shining, so your air conditioner does not have to work as hard.

4. To protect your carpet

Carpet is not cheap! Sunshine coming in through the glass windows can bleach out your carpet in spots, making it look uneven and blotchy. If you install window film, your carpet will not suffer as much damage. You will save countless dollars on replacing the carpet over the years. Your drapes and any other materials within reach of the windows will also be protected.

To learn more about the benefits of window film, talk to a company that does window tinting like Pro Tection Seattle Inc. They can discuss the different types of window film available and help you choose the one that's best for you.