3 Signs You Need New Windows

Your windows are an essential part of both the exterior and interior design of your home. However, since they are constantly being exposed to a wide range of different weather conditions, they can begin to break down over time. This can cause them to exhibit all sorts of problems. Understanding some of the symptoms associated with windows that are overdue for replacement can help you figure out when you should start considering a home remodeling project to install new ones.

1. Difficult Movement

Perhaps the first and most obvious sign of windows that should be replaced is if you find that you have trouble opening and closing them. This can happen normally over time due to physical damage, moisture exposure, and general wear and tear breaking down the moving parts. Wood windows are particularly susceptible to moisture damage which can cause swelling and rotting and can also be infested by carpenter ants and termites, which can cause physical degradation. Metal windows can rust, which will literally eat away at the structural integrity of the window itself.

2. Uneven Interior Temperatures

Another sign that your windows are no longer properly sealing out the exterior weather from your home is if you notice that there are sections of your home near windows that suffer from uneven temperatures. This is especially true if you can feel the flow of air when the wind blows outside. This means that your window is either physically damaged, or the seal around it is, which is allowing heat to transfer into or out of your home depending on the season. Talking to a contractor can help you figure out if you need to replace the seal around the window or if replacing the entire frame is the better course of action.

3. Water Damage

Related to the above point, any sign of water damage on the interior of your home around the window can point to a broken seal that allows rainfall to enter your home. This can cause further damage to surfaces within your home's interior, and can also promote mold growth, which beyond causing structural damage, is a health risk as well. You should also watch out for any signs of condensation on the interior of your windowpanes: this points to a broken seal that allows exterior air to get inside the window, ruining their ability to insulate the interior of your home and leading to drafts and increased heat transfers.

Contact your local window replacement service today to learn more about your options.