Upgrading Your Home With New Double Hung Windows

Window upgrades and replacements are significant projects to undertake, but they can be essential for maintaining your house. When upgrading windows, it is important to have a basic understanding of the benefits of the major styles of windows, such as single or double hung.

What Are The Benefits For Double Hung Windows?

Homeowners will often get confused about the difference between single or double hung windows. When you complete your double hung windows installation, you will be able to open and close both of the window sashes. In other words, these windows will normally be able to open from either the top or bottom. As a result, this style of window can be excellent for individuals that want to be able to crack their windows without the risk of pets or small children falling. Additionally, being able to open the top of the windows can allow for more effectively venting hot air from your rooms.

What If You Find Water Damage After Removing The Previous Window?

During the process of replacing a home's windows, it can be a common occurrence for individuals to discover that there is significant water damage to the home. Often this occurs due to water seeping around the edges of the window frame, and this can lead to substantial amounts of rot developing. In these instances, the damage to the home will have to be repaired. Otherwise, the new windows cannot be safely and effectively installed. Unfortunately, homeowners are unlikely to realize that this damage is present until the window frame has been removed, which can make it difficult to anticipate. By leaving space in your budget to account for these repairs, you can reduce the problems and disruptions that they may cause.

Will It Be Necessary To Have Double Hung Windows Custom Made?

One assumption that homeowners will often have at the start of this type of project will be that double hung windows will need to be custom made. While this is occasionally necessary, it is usually not required as most homes will incorporate standardized sizes for the window frames. This will make it fairly simple to replace them in the future. When you find that having windows custom made is unavoidable, the expenses and time required to complete them will likely be far less than you had anticipated. Depending on the supplier, it may be possible to have custom windows made and ready for installation within a week.