Reasons To Buy Custom Windows

If it is time for a window replacement in your home, you may need to look into custom windows. The following are a few reasons why this may be a necessity. 


Not every home comes with standard size windows, so it isn't always possible to simply walk into the nearest home improvement store and purchase windows off the shelf. If you have a larger picture window or small windows of varying dimensions, then custom replacement may be necessary. If budget is a concern, you can opt for custom replacements for the odd-sized windows and stock replacements for the rest. Your custom window company can create custom replacements that will match seamlessly with the stock replacements. 


Nearly all stock window options are rectangular or square in shape. There may be a few arched window options available, but these will only be available in one or two sizes. If you have round, diamond, hexagonal, triangular, fancy arches, or oval windows, then custom replacements may be the only viable option available. The good news is there is no size too odd for a custom window replacement service to match. 


Window grills serve a couple of purposes. They are highly decorative, which can provide your home with a nicer appearance and improved curb appeal. Window grills can also provide some security against breakage, both accidental and intentional. Decorative grills are either adhered to the exterior of the glass or installed between the layers in a multi-pane window. The grills are available in a range of decorative designs, most made to mimic the look of multiple paned inset window frames. You can have custom windows made with the grill design of your choice, in any size or shape desired. 


Decorative glass accents are another reasons to consider custom windows, even if you have standard sized and shaped windows in your home. Glass insets such as frosting, glass beads, and stained glass are popular decorative options, particularly on windows that border entryways or those in the foyer. Glass beveling is another decorative option that gives the window a look of cut crystal. This is often used to create an attractive showpiece for front picture windows. 

The need for custom windows is even greater if you want to combine some of the features above, such as decorative glass touches with a custom shape. Contact a custom window service if you are ready to design the perfect windows for your home.