Should You Tint Your Home's Windows? Know These Three Things

Have you been considering adding a tint to your home's windows? If so, it helps to know some of the pros and cons of adding a window tint so you can decide if it is a good choice for you.

Know The Differences Between Clear Standard And Ceramic Films

There are going to be two major options for window tints, which are standard and ceramic films. While the standard film is going to be a lot cheaper overall for tinting all of the windows in your home, know that it can be worth paying more for a ceramic film. The ceramic film is going to do a much better job of blocking the UV rays from the sun, which is going to reduce the heat transfer through the windows and lower the inside temperature of your home during the summer. 

In addition, a ceramic film is going to look more clear and perform better than a standard film. If you were concerned about a window film giving your windows a dark appearance that you don't like, that will not be as big of an issue with a ceramic film. You can install a clear ceramic film that looks great and is very effective.

Know About Reflective Films

You also have the option to install a reflective film on your home's windows, which is going to make the windows look a bit darker on the inside due to its highly reflective exterior. Reflective films provides two benefits to your home, with the main one being that it reflects more UV light from the sun to be more effective at reducing heat transfer. 

However, a reflective film is also going to give you more privacy. This is due to the reflective side not allowing others to see into your home easily. It's almost like looking in a one-way mirror, where you can see out through the window film just fine, but others can't see in.

Know About The Warranty

It's always worth looking into the warranty that comes with your window film. Some manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty with their window film, which covers the replacement of the material if it starts to peel or bubble over the years. This warranty may only be valid if you have the window film professionally installed though. Either way, it's worth understanding what kind of warranty comes with the film, because that can make a big difference when selecting between two types. 

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