3 Reasons To Choose Cellular Shades For Your Home

When it comes to choosing a window treatment for your home, you have many different options, which is why you are going to want to review all of your choices carefully. One window treatment option you should give some serious consideration to is cellular shades.

Reason #1: Amazing Insulation

One of the top reasons to consider cellular shades for your windows is because they provide top-level insulation. They are made out of multiple layers of pleated fabric, which create tiny cells in between the layers of fabric. These little cells in between the two layers of fabric help to trap air in them. This helps to reduce heat transfer between the window and the room where they are hanging up. Those little cells can help to keep your space cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The insulating properties of cellular shades help to make them more energy-efficient.

Reason #2: Privacy

With cellar shades, you can easily enjoy a high degree of privacy. When they are pulled down, they effectively cover your entire window. There is no area where the fabric can fold open like with traditional curtains; everything will be covered up.

The level of privacy you can enjoy depends upon the opacity of the cellular shades that you choose. If they are really opaque, more light will come through, and people will be able to see shapes and movement through your blinds when your lights are on. If you go with thicker or darker fabric, you may still get a little light coming through your blinds, but you will enjoy a greater degree of privacy, with your movements and interior light not shining through that much.

Reason #3: Design Appeal

Another reason to go with cellular shades is that you can customize them to fit whatever design appeal or feeling you are trying to create in your home. Different fabric types can be used to create cellular window shades. Different patterns and colors can be used as well. This allows for almost limitless options, especially if you order custom cellular shades to be made just for your home. As they are fabric-based, it is not hard to match them to your home.

If you want to put up some window treatments, you should seriously consider cellular shades. Their unique design provides high insulation values around your windows and can contribute to your home's increased energy efficiency. They can provide you with privacy, and it is easy to customize the fabric to match your home décor style.