Replacing Windows When You Have Kids

When you have kids, you get used to considering them in everything that you do. But you may not initially realize you should take them into account when replacing your windows. Especially if your kids are young, you need to make sure they stay safe while the windows are being replaced. You also need to make sure the new windows you choose are as safe as possible for your child to be around. Thankfully, this is not all that tough if you follow the tips below.

Plan window replacement for a day when you can get a babysitter.

Window replacement does not take as long as many people assume it will. Window replacement companies typically bring a team, and they can replace the windows on the average home within a day. (It takes about 30 minutes to install a single window.) Reach out to your window company for a more accurate estimate of how long your window replacement will take; it's unlikely to take more than a day unless you have more than 16 windows. Then, schedule the service for a day when you can get someone to babysit your kids outside of the home. This way, you won't have to worry about the kids getting in the way of the window replacement team, or about them getting hurt with any of the tools the window company brings along.

Choose double-hung windows over single-hung windows.

If your home, like many homes, has hung windows, then you really want to choose double-hung windows over single-hung ones. This is a safer window style to have around kids since you can open the double-hung windows from the top. Single-hung windows only open from the bottom, which means kids are more likely to fall through. (And no, a screen will not necessarily prevent such accidents.)

Make sure the windows lock well.

Ask to see a sample of the type of windows you're ordering. Make sure the locks are located high up enough that kids won't be able to reach them. And make sure the locks are difficult enough to operate that tiny fingers would struggle to do so. It's worth fiddling with more difficult window locks yourself if it means you know your kids are safer.

When it's time to replace your windows, make sure you keep your kids in mind. The right approach and choices can keep them safe during the installation and beyond. 

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