Should You Get a Casement, or a Double-Hung Window?

Are you in the market for new residential windows, and you're debating between getting casement and double-hung windows? Here is what you need to know about these two styles of windows. 

How You Open the Window

The way that these two windows open are going to be quite different. A casement window opens by using a crank, which causes the window to rotate at a 90-degree angle. It allows the entire window to essentially be open, which will maximize how much air can enter your home.

A double-hung window is quite different, with the window only being half-open at any given time by using your hand to physically move the window. You can decide which part of the window you want open, either the top or bottom half, but it restricts the airflow that enters your home.

How You Lock the Window

Each of these windows will lock in a different way as well. A double-hung window is going to have a simple latch that will make it so that the top and bottom sash cannot move. The locking mechanism typically rotates from one sash and slides into a bracket on the other sash. 

A casement window is going to actually create a strong seal when you lock the window. This is because the latch grips onto the window and pulls it inward so that the window is not simply resting against the frame. This can help improve the energy efficiency of your home when all the windows are closed and locked. 

How You Clean the Window

A double-hung window will be very easy to clean. This is due to each sash having the ability to tilt inward, so you can clean both sides of the window from inside your home. There is no need to get on a ladder and climb up to the second floor of the house to clean those windows that are high off the ground.

Casement windows may or may not have a big enough gap that allows you to clean both sides of the window from inside your home. If not, then you have no choice but to get on the ladder to clean the glass surface on the outside. 

How the Window Looks

When it comes to how the windows look, you are not going to be able to avoid the horizontal bar that stretches across a double-hung window. However, a casement window will have a solid piece of glass that allows you to have no obstructions when looking out the window. It also creates a different kind of aesthetic for those people that want to see more glass and not have any type of grid in the glass.